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We want to support our local farmers and businesses. We feel as a company we have an obligation and responsibility to do everything we can to support them first above outsourcing products from different countries. We have already started to make some of these changes with our products and are looking for more exciting things for you to try. Vegetarian, vegan and local fresh products are important to us as we know they are important to you. We are still serving all the breakfast, lunch and dinners that you love with a smile.

We are licensed family restaurant and serve a variety or beers, wines and coolers for you to enjoy with your meals. We are open 7am to 8pm daily. 8 am to 4 pm on holidays. We are available for delivery on skip the dishes so you can enjoy your favourite meal at home.

As things change, some things stay the same. You can still come and see your favourite servers. They are excited about the new changes and opportunities this presents to them. You can come to chat and have a great meal.

We believe in Winnipeg, we believe in our community, we believe in promoting local.


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Rest nRelax

Locally Owned & Operated

Supporting local farmers and businesses.

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